In a recent Harvard Business Review article titled “Management is (Still) Not Leadership“, John Kotter explains (again) that management is very different from leadership. Management is “a set of well-known processes… which help an organization to predictably do what it knows how to do well”. Leadership is different. [Leadership] is associated with taking an organization into [...]

If you haven’t seen the Pep Talk from Kid President, then you need to. Now. Here are the top 9 quotes from this uplifting, inspiring, and humorous video: “If there are two paths, I want to be on the one that leads to awesome” “The world needs to stop being boring” “Create something that will [...]

If you’ve ever led people, you’ve had these questions: How do you motivate people? What’s the right attitude for a leader to have? What will make you appear like a leader? How can you inspire people? How do you create change?   Eric Barker attempted to answer these questions in one of his latest blog [...]

Creativity is the soul of innovation. Here are some tips for you from a great article written on LinkedIn by titled “Boost Your Creativity With Simple Acts of Mindfulness” Reward curiosity – Most companies tend to reward creativity. Instead, if they were to reward to curiosity, it can breed even more creativity. This is not [...]

When you stand out, you risk everything. You might be blamed You might be judged You might be shunned But you also have everything to gain. You might be cheered You might be revered You might be celebrated Standing out takes gusts. It’s rewards are balanced with risk, but it’s the risk that makes it [...]

HelpingHelp has needed a makeover for quite some time. Not because we thought it did, but because our faithful readers have been asking for more. As of today, we are excited to announce the new HelpingHelp which promises to do things better and easier. More relevance: We’re focussing this blog on the topic of innovation. [...]

I usually try to come up with organic and fresh content for this blog, but sometimes I come across articles that are so compelling I have no value to add other than sharing.Here are brief summaries of TWO great posts that I recommend you read all the way through: How To Be More Innovative Life [...]