How to be UNboring

September 30, 2008

I almost titled this post how to not suck… but the truth is, you might be UNboring, but still suck. So maybe the post title should be, how to be UNboring and not suck.

Here is how…


Don’t suck.

That’s it. If you make it your goal not to suck, you won’t. This past weekend at the ACS Youth Leadership Summit, I vowed not to suck. So, I thought of all the ways that I have seen other people suck in the past, and then didn’t do that.

For my breakout:

  • I knew it would be boring for people to listen to me speak the entire time
  • I knew it would be tiring to sit in one place the entire time
  • I knew people wouldn’t remember the key takeaways if they didn’t hear them, say them, write them, and then tell their peers what they wrote

So to not suck:

  • I had everybody do interactive activities and talk amongst themselves.
  • I had people stand up, run around, turn around, and move around
  • I had people listen to me, then I had them talk to me, then I had them write what they told me, and they I had them tell their peers what they wrote.

It was pretty easy.

So, before every meeting, kickoff, retreat, Relay, etc… think of all the ways that you can’t suck, and then just do it. Being UNboring is remarkably easy, and a lot more fun.

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shelley September 30, 2008 at 6:01 pm

Amen! :)


CFCina October 1, 2008 at 8:33 pm

I second Shelley’s sentiments!!!

You are coming down to our Portland/Vancouver Relay U in November, right!!! ;-) …I know you will NOT be boring and JUST the boost that all our volunteers and ACS needs to get us really going in Region J!!!

Hope you can come down and MC for us!!!

~ Kathy C. (RFL Volunteer)


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