4 Ways to Lead Your Nonprofit to Breakthrough Creativity

August 28, 2012

We write about creativity a lot because it’s essential to the long-term success of nonprofits, and the people that work and volunteer for them.

Inspired by Eric Barker’ latest post, here are 4 principles to help you drastically improve you – and your organization’s - creativity:

1. Relaxing Makes You More Creative

Your best ideas come to you in a morning shower, which also when you are most relaxed. Smiling helps, too. Also why boring work is best done at the office, and inspiring work at home.

2. Get Exposure to New Ideas and Perspectives

“Unusual and unexpected events increase creativity”. Simply pretending you are a child again, or that you are answering a question for someone else will improve your ideas.

3. Make Ideas Crash Into Each Other

Did you know that Bill Gates used to read business books within a two week span in order to understand parallels? And disorganization is OK, too – “a disorganized brain is a more creative brain”.

4. Work Hard

Quantity can lead to quality, at least over time. According to Edison, “Genius is one percent inspiration and 99% perspiration”.

Take a moment and read Brad’s full post on creativity.

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