Announcing the New HelpingHelp

December 11, 2012

HelpingHelp has needed a makeover for quite some time. Not because we thought it did, but because our faithful readers have been asking for more.

As of today, we are excited to announce the new HelpingHelp which promises to do things better and easier.

  1. More relevance: We’re focussing this blog on the topic of innovation. More specifically, how nonprofits can infuse and harness innovation to reach their missions, faster
  2. Subscribe by email: It is now easier to get free doses of innovation-inspiring updates by adding your email to the form on the right
  3. Get support: If you need help planning for innovation, we are offering new services just for nonprofits, by a not-for-profit group

And this is just the beginning. In addition to a better, easier to navigate website, we’re also planning on:

  • Expanding the HelpingHelp team to improve the free content on this site
  • Publishing free resources and toolkits
  • Launching an online course

To be kept up to date, make sure to subscribe by email using the form on the right side of the page.

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